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The group of study fields: Health Sciences
Field of study program: Oral Care
Code of study program: 6531GX026
Type of study program: Undergraduate (college higher education) study programme
Cycle of study program: Professional Bachelor degree

Language of study program: Lithuanian
Credits and form of study program: 180 credits, full-time (3 years)
Full time: price 1980 €

Qualification to be awarded: Professional Bachelor of Health Sciences,  qualification of Dental technician.

In order to achieve study results, various interactive teaching methods (analysis of cases, reflection, interactive lecture, observation, analysis of best practices, making and reasoning assumptions, role-play games, etc.), independent work and related methods are intended in the descriptions of subjects.
Methods of problematic teaching in subject studies: analysis of cases (in specialty subjects – clinical cases) in small groups draw students into confrontation with practical problems that stimulate their independent learning, will realize interdisciplinary integration of knowledge and skills in solving real life situations, and the lecturer’s function is changed into that of a consultant’s and helper’s.
Constructionist learning approach. Learning going the best, when the learner is actively developing real-world objects. To realize this training helps not only the information and communication technology (ICT) but also captured the experience of others.

Access to professional activity

Dental Technology study program graduates will be able to work as a dental technician in small, medium and large dental prosthetic laboratories with dental care (help) the institution's license. After completing the study program and awarded Professional Bachelor of Dental technology, qualification of Dentistry technician able to carry out the following, the functions assigned to them:

  • select materials, equipment and technologies; 
  • produce dentures and orthodontic appliances;
  • communicate / collaborate with other health care team members, with patients / clients, suppliers;
  • organize a dental technician laboratory activities;
  • develop professional behavior and improved on professional level.

Access to further study

After completing dental technology college study and obtained the Health Sciences professional bachelor's degree, graduates may continue their studies according to university study in the field of biomedical sciences, dentistry study of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences or University of Vilnius and the social sciences in the field of social work, education or health education in Mykolas Romeris University.

The aim of  study programme - to prepare high quality dental technicians which are able: to  manufacture of dentures and orthodontic appliances independently, the choice of materials, equipment and various manufacturing technologies, introducing new denture manufacturing technologies in support of research, collaborate with other health care professionals and to organize dental laboratory activities.

Learning outcomes:

1. To select materials for produce of dental prosthesis or orthodontal apparatus;
2. Safely to work with tools and devices intended for the denture production;
3. To apply appropriate technologies of dentures or orthodontic appliance production;
4. To model and to construct dentures;
5. To produce dentures and orthodontic appliances;
6. To repair dentures and orthodontic appliances;
7. To cooperate with the dentist;
8. To communicate with patients / clients and others with prosthetic process related persons;
9. To organize laboratory activities;
10. To develop and to implement a dental technician practice in the health care system;
11. To apply the health care legislation and the professional ethics document in the professional activities;
12. To plan, to execute and to disseminate the scientific dental technology research;
13. To improve own professional qualifications.

Study subjects (modules), practical training:

Full-time study

1 year 1 semester (Study program of 2018)  2 semester (Study program of 2018)
Subject Credit Subject Credits
Professional Environment 3 Health Management and Economic basics 3
Professional Language 6 Infection Control in Dentistry 3
Human Safety 3 Basics of Removable Denture Plate Manufacture 6
Anatomy, Physiology and Oral Pathology 6 Basics of  Fixed Denture Manufacture 6
Teeth Functional Anatomy and Modelling 6 First Medical Aid 3
Dental Technology  Materials 6 Psychology  3
Introductory Practice of Dental Technician Activities 6
2 year 3 semester (Study program of 2018) 4 semester (Study program of 2018)
Subject Credits Subject Credits
Basics of Toothless Maxillary Prostheses 9 Manufacturing Technology of Partial Removable Denture Plate 6
Manufacturing Technology of Fixed Dental Prosthesis 6 Manufacturing Technique of Ceramic Dentures and Digital Technology 9
The Basics of Applied Research 3 Manufacturing Technique of Arc Supporting Dental Prostheses 6
Alternative Elective Subject (Foreign language: English, German, French, Norwegian) 3 Practice of Manufacturing Technique of Dental Prostheses 9
Optional Subject 3
Optional Subject 3
Optional Subject 3
3 year 5 semester (Study program of 2013) 6 semester (Study program of 2013)
Subject Credits Subject Credits
Manufacturing Technique of  Non-Metal Ceramic Dental Prostheses 6 Fundamental Practice 15
Manufacturing Technology of Combined Arc Supporting Dental Prostheses 6 Final Practice and Supervision 6
Orthodontic, Faciomaxillary Curative Appliances and Prostheses 3 Professional Bachelor Graduation Thesis 9
Plate Dental Prostheses and Modern Technologies 6
Aesthetic Restorations of Dental Hard Tissue Defects 3
Implant Technique 3
Aesthetics and Function of Removable Denture 3

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