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Order of Admission procedure for Foreign Students

Application form

Study Agreement


1. Applicants have to submit the following documents:

1.1. standard application form (here);

1.2. original documents or copies confirmed by the notary of not lower than high/secondary school graduation certificate (certificate, diploma and their supplements). The documents should be translated into English or Russian languages. The translation has to be certified by the notary (or other adequate institution).

1.3. Documents issued by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education evidencing secondary education or equivalent received in non-Lithuanian higher education school (according to the Government Act of the Republic of Lithuania No. 212 of February, 2012 ”On approving regulations of evaluating and recognizing qualifications gained abroad which grant the right to higher education and qualification of higher education” (Official Gazette, 2012, Nr. 1289-1290) ;

1.4. copies of personal identification document (passport or ID) certified by the notary or other adequate institution;

1.5. documents legalizing change of name or surname or copy authorized by the notary in case the documents certifying the obtained education are issued under other name and (or) surname;

1.6. 1 photograph (3x4 cm);

1.7. payment receipt of the admission fee (original) or its copy; 

1.8. motivational letter (up to 2 pages);

1.9. documents certifying not lower than B1/B2 level of English and/or Russian or proven record of language knowledge issued by competent authority;

1.10. copies of the bank documents and letter of indemnity, the latter approved by the notary, certifying the financial status of the parents or foster parents (to be submitted to the embassy of the Republic of Lithuania).

2. Admission fee is not refundable. An admission fee of 50 EUR should be transferred to the following account:

Bank name „Swedbank"


Bank code 73000

Beneficiary Account No. LT59 7300 0100 0260 7518

Bank account holder Utenos kolegija

Registration number-111965850 

Name of payment- admission fee

Please indicate in payment details: your name, surname or identification number. 

4. Foreigners intending to study at the University have to submit the documents before July 1st (for winter intake) or November 1st   (for spring intake).

5. The documents should be submitted to Utenos kolegija, 7 Maironio str., LT 28142 Utena, Lithuania, or e-mail