Student dorms


Utenos kolegija HEI offers accommodation for international students in the “Student house” at Maironio str. 18, Utena (See on map) or at Aukštaičių str. 9, Utena (See on map).

If students come to study at Medicine Faculty, they could be offered accommodation in Aušros str. 73, Utena (See on map).

Due to the increasing number of students, only places in shared rooms are offered. Rooms are shared by two or three students. Monthly rent of a place in a room in the “Student house” is 50 EUR. Rental fee is subject to change. International exchange students are required to pay for the accommodation in advance for the entire semester at their arrival or during the introductory week.

All rooms have free Internet access. Bathroom facilities are mostly shared by two rooms. There is one common use kitchen. Students are obliged to clean up and keep the order in the kitchen and rooms by themselves. Laundry room is also available for international students without extra charge.

How to apply

For Erasmus+ exchange students the reservation of a place at the “Student house” is made through the International Relations Department. Students have to fill in Accommodation application form. International degree-seeking students apply for a place at the "Student house" by filling a relevant part of the Application form.

At the arrival, international students who were allocated a place at the "Student house" must sign an Agreement on Accommodation in Student House.

Students are responsible for any damage done while living in the Student House.