Support for students


  • During the first lecture, the teacher presents to the students/ listeners with the programme of a module (subject), explains it’s curriculum, volume, study work forms, and requirements applicable to the assessment of learning outcomes within the module (subject) and during the final assessment, the structure of assessment of study results, assessment criteria and requirements, list of literature, introduces the main provisions of the Academic Code of Ethics.
  • The lecturer(s) of the subject/module also advises on the issues of the taught subject/module, preparing for the session, final exams, final and other written works.  
  • Consultations are carried out according to a set schedule or individually depending on students’ needs. Consultations can take place face-to-face or remotely using a virtual environment (VMA Moodle, Zoom, MS Teams or other) and/or e-mail. 
  • Academic group tutor (a lecturer) advises students, provides initial information about studies and the study programme; assists in solving students’ questions and problems of the supervised academic group; initiates meetings of the academic group as required. 
  • Internship Supervisor consults students/listeners on issues regarding internships and helps to resolve them. Contact: Faculty of Business and Technologies ; Faculty of Medicine
  • Thesis Supervisor consults students on a final work writing. 
  • International Relations Department Specialist consults students on mobility opportunities to specific partner institutions according to the study program; helps to solve organisational and administrative issues of mobility implementation; organises and coordinates the selection of faculty mobility participants; ensures the integration of foreign students and organises their admission.  Contact


  • International Relations Department provides assistance related to visa or temporary residence permit, provides Mediation letter to the Migration department; helps in obtaining ISIC. IRO provides information and consultations on studies and traineeships abroad under Erasmus+ and other academic mobilities programs.  
  • Students-mentors  assist with issues related with dormitories, leisure time. 



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