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The group of study fields: Business and Public Management
Field of study program: Tourism and Leisure
Code of study program: 6581LX005
Type of study program: 1st cycle
Cycle of study program: Professional Bachelor of Business and Management ( Lithuania); Academic Bachelor of Management ( Latvia)

Language of study program: English
Credits and form of study program: 180 credits, full time (3 years)
Full time: price 1260 €

Hospitality Management study programme is joint study programme of Utena University of Applied Sciences and Rezekne Academy of Technologies (Latvia).   Studies are conducted in both institutions, the language of instructions is English.

Studies are completed after a defence of the Final Thesis, specified in commonly of both institutions teachers prepared Methodological Requirements of Final Thesis writing, legal acts of Utena UAS and RTA. After completion of the Joint Hospitality Management Study Programme students will be awarded a joint qualification degree corresponding Lithuanian and Latvian degree in accordance with the European Qualifications Framework and the Dublin Descriptors Degree and adequately corresponds to the sixth qualification level.
Students who complete the Hospitality Management degree program will be able to work in Lithuania and foreign hospitality companies (accommodation, catering, leisure, etc. providing hospitality services) as business managers, administrators or heads of the department.
They will be able to perform the following functions: organize activities of the hospitality company, implement projects and hospitality business innovations, provide hospitality services, manage hospitality company’s information, make decisions to ensure a quality of the company 's operation, prepare and manage hospitality businesses documentation,organize work of the employees and the company,analyze customer needs and market conditions,communicate with Lithuanian and foreign business partners, clients, customers and suppliers.

Graduates of the Hospitality Management degree program will be able to establish a hospitality company and manage it.

Graduates will be able to continue their studies in universities in Social Sciences area, Business and Management field master’s degree programs.

 The aim of study programme

To train a professional who is able to work in a dynamic multicultural domestic and international market, who understands communication, the organisation and management of the services in the companies in the hospitality sector and is able to work /act responsibly, creatively and innovatively in ensuring the quality of the services provided.

Learning outcomes

LO 1. Apply hospitality industry knowledge based on innovations inprofessional performance, creating service sets and providing the services;

LO 2. Identify hospitality company performance problems, analyze their causes and suggest solutions

LO 3. Initiate and implement development projects in hospitality company through environmental research and data analysis and prediction methods;

LO 4. Understand methodology of social research and select the appropriate method to address the problem;

LO 5. Prepare research plan and carry out the research, using IT for data collection, structuring, processing and analysis;

LO 6. Evaluate the research results critically, formulate conclusions and provide rational suggestions;

LO 7.Plan accommodation and catering services, applying environmental analysisand research results, using

teamwork and other methods;

LO 8. Organize service provision in hospitality company, using specific technology solutions;

LO 9. Develop and implement leisure programs for theguests in the hospitality company, taking into Accountdifferent needs and choosing the right tools;

LO 10. Apply national and international laws and requirements for services, when performing professional tasks independently;

LO 11. Assess the performance and results of oneself and thesubordinates, implement lifelong learning approach, seek personal and professional leadership in accordance with professional ethical principles;

LO 12. When communicating with guests, identify their different needs and be able to deal with conflict situations;

LO 13. Communicate and cooperate with colleagues, business partners and other persons in creating a relationship of mutual trust;

LO 14. Know peculiarities of different cultures and to create an environment that is open to other cultures in the professional performance;

LO 15. Take responsibility for the quality of one’sown performance and his subordinates and ensuring service provision standards, job performance and other requirements following principles of social responsibility and citizenship;

LO 16. Communicate hospitality knowledge and understanding; plan the process of self-development and professional development of the subordinate staff.

1 year
1 semester 2 semester
Module/ subjects Credits Module/ subjects Credits

HM-1  Module

Basics of Hospitality Industry


Languages and Ethics

Introduction to hospitality management and business 5 Foreign languages I (Russian, German, French) 4
Micro- macro economics 5 Foreign languages II (German, French, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Latvian) 3

HM-2 module

Fundamentals of Hospitality Communication

Hospitality business ethics 3
Communication psychology 5

HM-4 module

Organisation of Hospitality Services

Language culture and etiquette 3 Accomodation services 4
Sociology/ Psychology 3 Catering services 3
Professional foreign language ( English) 5 Leisure and recreation organisation 3
Professional foreign language I (Russian, German, French) 4

 HM-10 module

Intercultural Communiciation and Cooperation 

Intercultural communication


Art of negotiation

2 year
3 semester 4 semester
Module/ semester Credits Module/ semester Credits


Business environment research


Hospitality Service Management

Basics of mangement 6 Hotel service management 6
Social research and statistical analyses of the data 4 Catering service management 6



Food production and technology 5
Hospitality service marketing 4 Service quality management 3
Hospitality market researches 3 Professional communication practice  10
Customer relations management (CRM) 3

HM-7 module

Hospitality business finance and law

Basics of accounting and finance 6
Business law 4
3 year
5 semester 6 semester
Module/ subjects Credits Module/ subjects Credits

Professional activity practice

10 HM-12 alternativelly chosen module 

HM-9 module

Sustainable tourism and Hospitality

Project management 4
Tourism and hospitality innovations 4 II subject of module 3
Environmental protection 3 III subject of module 3
Sustainable tourism developemnt 3 Final practice 10
HM-11 alternatively chosen module Preparation and defence of Final Theses 10

Personnel development

Basics of organisational behavior/ Leadership and career management 5

Alternativelly chosen modules

  • Hospitality project development and management;
  • Cultural tourism development and management;
  • Banquet project development and management;
  • Welness project development and management.