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The group of study fields: Business and Public Management
Field of study program: Management
Code of study program: 6531LX076
Type of study program: Undergraduate (college higher education) study programme
Cycle of study program: Professional Bachelor degree programme

Language of study program: Lithuanian, English, Russian
Credits and form of study program: 180 credits, full-time, part time, distance learning
Full time: price 1260 €
Part time: price 855 €

To achieve the learning outcomes various forms and methods of teaching and assessment are planned. Subject descriptors list various interactive teaching methods (case analysis, a lecture, demonstration, analysis of progressive experience, role-play, etc.), self-study and methods related to it. To get ready for seminars, tutorials and practicals, students need to read supplementary readings, search for necessary information and practical examples. Elements of problem-based-learning are applied not only during tutorials but also in other subjects of the study field by analysing specific cases in small groups, by involving students in discussions about the issues that way stimulating their independent learning, by implementing an inter-disciplinary integration of knowledge and skills, by solving true-to-life business situations.

The particularity of the study programme:  Problem- Based Learning system, e-learning environment.

Graduates can work as managers in the various departments of enterprises or organise individual business and manage it. 

The main purpose of Business Management study programme is to prepare a specialist, understanding business establishment processes, business environment evaluation, market research, able to perform the work requiring personal responsibility for a company processes management, activity planning, organization, leadership of employees in the areas of business status control and business development independently, possessing general competences, allowing to adapt under changing environment conditions and labour market requirements.

Learning outcomes:

LO 1. Define economic social phenomena and their development;

LO2. Explain the main theories of management and economics sciences and phenomena described referring to them;

LO3. Describe the business system operation mechanism;

LO4. Identify legal acts regulating the activity area;

LO5. Describe principles of a strategy formation;

LO6. Describe principles of a strategy formation;

LO7. Prepare a research plan and perform a research;

LO8. Perform a situation analysis;

LO9. Systematize and evaluate results of the analysis;

LO10.Collect and classify information, necessary for a problem solving

LO11. Analyse and interpret the received data;

LO12. Analyse present status of a company (a department);

LO13. Apply legal acts in the chosen activity area;

LO 14. Prepare company (department) activity plans;

LO15. Specify optimum amount of resources for work process assurance;

LO16. Apply recruitment and appraisal methods;

LO17. Analyse and ground opportunities of financial resources use;

LO18. Explain peculiarities of domestic and international market and analyse opportunities of entering it;

LO19. Apply work organisation principles and methods in the chosen activity;

LO20. Apply social responsibility principles in a company (a division) activity;

LO21. Discuss and analyse opportunities of a company (a division) activity quality improvement;

LO22. Choose the most efficient incentive methods of employees;

LO23. Explain business information accumulation, systematisation and presentation for its consumers;

LO24. Explain total quality management standards and their implementation;

LO25. Apply social responsibility principles in a company (a division) activity.




  • Explain trade and services companies specify;
  • Analyse and assess trade and services companies activity as well as understand international trade financing ways and possible risks.


  • Describe cultural space;
  • Analyse and assess international business environment;
  • Reveal management peculiarities of  an international trade company.


  • Analyse international marketing environment;
  • Prepare strategic and tactical marketing decisions solutions.

Full- time studies

1 year
1 semester 2 semester
Subject Credits Subject Credits
Professional foreign language 4 Professional foreign language 4
Language Culture and Business Correspondence 3 Psychology 3
Philosophy/Sociology 3 Business Law 4
Applied Mathematics 7 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship 6
Micro-macroekonomcs 7 Module. Research and IT
Business Communication 3 Social research 6
 Practice of Business Communication 3 Statistical Data Analysis 3
Activities of Business Enterprises 3
2 year 3 semester 4 semester
Subject Credits Subject Credits
Fundamentals of Management 7 Fundamentals of Finance 6
Marketing 6 Marketing Research 3
Fundamentals of Accounting 4 Personnel Management 6
Business Ethics 4 Professional Skills' training Practice 6
Business Taxation 3 Freely Optional Subject 6
Industrial and Civil Safety 3 Practice of Work In Business Enterprises 3
Freely Optional Subject 3
3 year
5 semester 6 semester
Subject Credits Subject Credits
Management Accounting 4 Specialization module
Project Management 5 Ist module subject 4
Logistics 4 IInd module subject 4
E-Business 5 III module subject 4
Quality Management 4 Final Pratice 9
Fundamentals of Strategic management 3 Preparation and defence of Final Thesis 9
Practice of Business Writing 5

Part time  studies

1 year
1 semester 2 semester
Subject Credits Subject Credits
Professional Foreign Language 4 Professional Foreign Language 4
Micro-macroekonomics 7 Language Culture and Business Correspondence 3
Philosophy/ Sociology 3 Business Law 4
Applied mathematics 7 Business Communication 3
Module Research and IT
Social research 4
Statistical data analysis and IT 6
2 year
3 semester 4 semester
Subject Credits Subject Credits
Psychology 3 Marketing 6
Fundamentals of Management 7 Fundamentals of Accounting 4
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship 6 Business Ethics 4
Practice of Business Communication 3 Personnel Management 6
 Freely Chosen Optional Subject 3 Business Enterprise Activity Practice 3
3 year
5 semester 6 semester
Subject Kreditai Subject Credits
Fundamentals of Finance 6 Project Management 5
Marketing Research 3 Logistics 4
Business Taxation 3 E-Business 5
Industrial and Civil safety 3 Quality Management 4
Professional Skills' Training Practice 6 Fundamentals of  Strategic Management 3
Freely chosen optional subject 3
4 year
7 semester 8 semester
Subject Credits Subject Credits
Management Accounting 4 Practice of a Business plan writing 5
Practice of work in Business Enterprises 6 Final Practice 9
Specialization  Module
Preparation and Defence of Final Work 9
Ist subject of the module 4
IInd  subject of the module 4
IIIrd subject of the module 4

 Freely chosen subject are selected according to The List of Freely Chosen Subjects and their descriptions